1.     In the 15th century, most European countries were ruled by absolute monarchs, due to the decline of church’s influence and decline of feudalismAbsolute monarchs claims that they were chosen by God, historians called this theory Divine Right of Kings.

2.     John Locke believed that if the government cannot protect the rights of the people, the people have the right to overthrow the government, this indirectly leads to the American Revolution which broke out in 1775.

3.     The constitution was drafted by the Americans in Philadelphia in 1787.

4.     According to constitution, there are three branches of government: legislature, executive, judiciary.

5.     Legislature is responsible to make laws. In USA, the most important organization under the branch of legislature is the congress.

6.     President is the head of the branch executive. President is also the head of the whole US government. The current president of USA is Barack Obama.

7.     Judiciary can void the laws that are against the constitution. Supreme Court is the organization under the branch of judiciary to carry out its duties.

8.     According to constitution, the US government consists of Federal Government and State Government. State Government is responsible for local affairs and Federal Government is responsible for national affairs.

9.     Local affairs include local taxes, education, civil law & order and building of roads.

10.  National affairs include national trade, finance, national defence and diplomacy

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