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Full name: Steven Paul Jobs

Year of birth: 1955

Date of death: 5/10/2011

Biological parents: 1. Clara Jobs
                             2. Paul Reinhold Jobs 

Biological sibling(s): Mana Simpson

Step sibling(s): Patty

Previous girlfriend: Chrisann Brennan 

Spouse: Laurene Powell Jobs

Children: 1. Reed 
               2. Erin Jobs
               3. Eve Jobs
               4. Lisa Brennan - Jobs

Best friends: 1.Rick Ferrentino 
                    2.Bill Bates
                    3.Daniel Kottke
                    4.Ronald Wayne  

Influences: 1. Technology 
                 2. Music industries

Zen master: Kobun Chino Otogawa

School attended:
           Elementary school: Monta Loma Elementary School
           Middle school(s): Cupertino middle school
           High School: Homestead High School
           College: Reed College

Companies founded: 1. Apple Inc.
                                2. Pixar
                                3. NEXT Inc.

Physical activities: Swimming

Religious beliefs: Zen Buddhism

Diet: vegetarian

Interests: Beatles, Calligraphy

Significant Dates

April 1st, 1976 - The official beginning of Apple Computer

January 3rd, 1977 - The in corporation of Apple Computer 

April 30th, 1977 - The date Apple II went an sale 

December 12th, 1980 - Apple goes public increasing Steve Job's net north to over $200 million

September 17, 1985 - Steve Jobs resigns from Apple and starts Nexi

October 12th, 1988 - Steve Jobs introduces the Nexi Cube 

March 18th, 1991 - Steve Jobs marries Laurena Powell

December 20th, 1996 - Buys Nexi

April 28th, 2003 - Apple opens the revolutionary online iTunes Music Store

The Reader 

Chapter 1

1. Why do you suppose Jobs' birth mother was so keen on finding adoptive parents who were college graduates?

She wanted her son called accept good education and could go to her college, and a better living environment.

2. What did Jobs' birth mother do after finding out that the adoptive parents, Paul and Clara, weren't college graduates?

She revised her conditions, they had to promise they would send the child to college.

Chapter 2 

1. Who introduced the Hewlett-Packards Explorer Club to Jobs? What is the Hewlett-Packards Explorer Club?

His neighbour, Larry Lang. The Hewlett-Packards Explorer Club is open to building lescent engineers.

2. Why do you suppose the author used words such as 'nervy; 'bold', and 'ingenious' on page 24 when describing Jobs' decision in calling Bill Hewlett? 

Not many people would have the courage to call up the CEO or president of a company.

Chapter 3

1. Why are Jobs and Woz such a good match for a friendship?

They had many things in common, such as being considered outsiders, being extremely bright and interested in unpopular subjects, sharing the same enjoyment for music (especially from Bob Pyland), and sharing the same interest in pulling off pranks. (p. 29 & 30)

2. What was the 'Blue Box' Woz created and Jobs sold?

An electronic device to 'trick' the phone company into making tree long-distance calls. (p. 31 & 32)

3. How did Jobs come to be a vegetarian?

One of the major reasons was because of money. Jobs had very little money to eat or even to live so he was very interested in experimenting with different foods to see what affect it would have on the body. His diet during the weak contained no meats and on Sunday nights, he and his friend Dan, would get a ride to a temple where they served strictly vegetarian food. Jobs' kept this diet throughout his life. (p. 37 & 38)

Chapter 4 

1. How was the calligraphy program at Reed similar to Jobs' father's teachings?

They both pay attention on fine details. 

2. Why did Jobs feel like he needed to go to India?

He wanted to learn and discover more about himself.

3. At the end of the first paragraph on page 44, someone says 'He has BO and he's different...' What is the meaning of BO?

Bad colour.

Chapter 5 

1. What do you think the title 'SEEDS OF APPLE' for Chapter 5 means? What do you think the chapter will be about?

I think it will talk about the start of Apple.

2. Why does Jobs need to convince Woz to be his partner in starting a new business designing computers? (There are four reasons why) 

They share the same goal. He was an engineer. He figured away to hook up on TV to his computer as a monitor, and attached a cheap type writer keyboard. He was Jobs friend too Woz is a perfectionist. (p. 57 & 58)

Chapter 6

1. What were the two reasons Jobs picked 'Apple' as the name for his new company?

1. He worked on the All-One Farm tending.
2. He often consumed an all-fruit diet.

2. What were the two reasons Wayne withdrew from the contract?

Wayne had strong doubts that the money could list be earn bark, and he feared that he could soon find himself in debt. His prior experience in running a business weren't good. (p.62 & 63)

3. How did Jobs' sloppy appearance finally affect him in chapter 6?

People thought he was not professional.

Chapter 7

1. On Page 78, Nolan Bushnell says that 'he laughs about it now when he's not crying' in reference to his decision of buying / not buying Apple Computer shares. What does he mean?

Bushell regrets not having invested in Apple Computer when approached by Jobs, as he could have made millions by investing a mere $50,000 at that times.

2. Who was finally able to convince Woz to quit his job as an engineer at HP? What did he/she say to convince Woz?

Allen Baum. He thought Woz had no way to put in the hours of work necessary to develop Apple Computer and hold down another job.

3. January 3 rd, 1977 was a big day for Apple Computer, as it was the day when they were formally incorporated. What does 'incorporated' mean according to the text?

Created, and become waited and combined.

4. Who was the first president of Apple Computer?

Mike Scott.

Chapter 8 

1. Describe how Jobs and Woz looked like for their debut of the Apple II computer at the West Coast Computer Faire. What were different to their usual appearance?

They wore a shirt and tie. Their hair was washed and combed. 

2. On pages 97 and 98, what does 'There were plans to take the company public' mean? What is the difference between 'going public' and 'being incorporated'?

More people know about Apple. Become more famous US United.

3. What was so special to Jobs after visiting Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)? 

He saw a computer with graphics on its screen and a hand controlled pointer.

Chapter 9

1. Why do you suppose Jobs refused to give shares to long time friend, Dan Kottke?

(open answer) He thought Dan was taking advantage from him.

2. What happened to the dispute between Raskin and Jobs? What is meant by a 'permanent leave of absence'?

They had disagreements about the direction of the Macintosh. It means leave for a very long time.

3. Why did Jobs' new team at Texaco Towers work so well with Jobs?

They were passionate and drove to produce a totally awesome, groundbreaking computer.

Chapter 10

1. Why did Jobs sell all but one Apple share?

It allowed him to continue to be a stockholder and attend the annual stockholders meetings. (p. 118)

2. What were the three reasons that attracted Jobs to purchase Pixar?

Their software was integrated and amazed him. The heading Pixar's animation department was John lasseter, an artist. (p. 123, 124)

3. Why did Disney approach Lasseter to create Toy Story?

The success of the short animated film - Tin Toy Realized the attraction of animated toys. (p. 126 )

Chapter 11

1. Why did Jobs decide to hire a detective to find his biological parents only after his mother's death?

Clara wasn't able to provide any clues.  (p. 130)

2. How do you think Jobs life would have been if his biological parents had kept him instead of giving him for adoption?

He couldn't have enough opportunity to use the computer. He would have a harder life.  (p. 131)

3. After the purchase of NeXT, Jobs returned to Apple. What was the first thing Jobs did?

He asked all the top-executives at Apple to resign or else he would leave.  (p. 141)

Chapter 12

1. According to Jobs, what did the 'i' in iMac stand?

It stood for 'individual', 'instruct', 'inform', 'inspire'. (p. 150)

2. What were the philosophies that both Jobs and Ive shared that made these two visionaries work so closely together?

The design is awesome. They felt the design wasn't simply what one can see on the outside. (p. 148)

3. Like the title of chapter 12 suggests (Return Engagement), Jobs returned to Apple Inc. in full force. What did Jobs invent/create that made Apple Inc. so successful according to chapter 12? Can you list out the products and its identifying features?

iMac, iPod, iTunes, iMac, had a colorful device. iPod was a digital music player which was small and easy to bring iTunes was store for entertainment. 

Chapter 13 & 14

1. On page 162, it says that Jobs' salary is one dollar a year. How is that possible?

Jobs was paid in other ways, such as through stock options which he could sell when he felt like it.

2. Do you think that Jobs was great because he was an innovative designer or because he was an ingenious conductor who assembled an orchestra of brilliant musicians leading them to always play tunes to perfection?

(open answer) I think he was great leader who could let the brilliant people could explore their potential to the fullness. 

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