Nutritive value
-        Complex carbohydrates include dietary fibre
-        20 – 25% vegetable proteins
-        Rich in vitamin B complex
-        Rich in iron

Types of pulses
-        Beans (warm season)
-        Peas (cool season)
-        Lentils (lens-shaped)

Preparation of pulses
-        Soak overnight
-        Discard the water, rinse and cook without salt
-        Rinse canned pulses to remove the salted or sweetened water

Storage of pulses
-        Keep in a dry, airtight container away from light
-        Eat as soon as possible as they toughen on storage
-        Keep cooked pulses for two days only

Use of soyabean
-        Rich in proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals
-        It is called vegetable meat
-        A good replacement of meat

Types of soyabean products
-        Instant food
-        Beancurds
-        Flavourings
-        Beancurd sheets
-        Others 

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