Types of vegetables
-        Leaves 葉菜類
-        Beans 豆莢類
-        Stems 梗莖類
-        Fruits 瓜果類
-        Flowers 花菜類
-        Roots 根莖類
-        Bulbs 球莖類
-        Tubers 塊莖類
-        Fungi 菇菌類
-        Pulses & nuts 乾豆果仁類

Importance in the diet
-        Good source of vitamins.
-        Contains a reasonable amount of carbohydrates.
-        Calcium and iron are found in various vegetables like watercress, spinach.

Preparation of vegetables
-        Peel it thinly and cut with a sharp knife.
-        Prepare just before cooking
-        Do not soak in water.
-        Cook in minimum amount of boiling water in minimum time.
-        Drain and serve immediately.
-        Do not keep warm and reheat.

Effects of heat
-        Reduce bulk and become more digestible.
-        Some vegetables increase in bulk when they absorb water.
-        Nutrients are destroyed by heat.

Choice of vegetables
-        Damaged vegetables should be avoided.
-        Leafy vegetables should be crispy and firm.
-        Root vegetables should be free of spade marks.

Storage of vegetables
-        Keep in a cook place in a plastic bag to prevent oxidation.
-        Root vegetables should be stored in a cool, dark place.
-        Use as soon as possible.

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