Piano Music in Romantic Period

  • The piano is the most important of all musical instruments. It has a unique position among aolo and accompanying instruments. 
  • The piano became the most favorite instrument in the 19th century.
  • Short pieces for the piano during this period were very popular.

Robert Schumann (German, 1810-1856)

  • Schumann is a great German composer and music critic of the Romantic Period. 
  • Schumann's father was a bookseller and publisher.
  • He grew up in a cultured atmosphere.
  • Schumann studied law but he was more interested in music.
  • His wife Clara was a gifted pianist.
  • Clara was mainly responsible for popularizing Schumann's many piano compositions.
  • Schumann wrote piano, vocal and orchestral music.
  • He also wrote essays on music and musicians.
  • At the age of 34, Schumann suffered a nervous break down.
  • He began to show mental instability.
  • He threw himself into the Rhine. Some fishermen rescued him.
  • Schumann died two years later in an asylum.
  • Schumann's piano piece 'Traumerei' (Dreaming) suggests a child in a world of dreams.
  • It is rich in harmony and full of inner meaning. 

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