If someone wreck in navigation and then float to an uninhabited island, can you believe that he could able to live in the uninhabited island for twenty-eight years? And do you want to know how he can survive in these twenty-eight years? Read this book and you will find more things about this.

       Robinson Crusoe is a story about Robinson abandoned his comfort life, and decided to go to the sea to have an adventure. Unlikely, he encountered the accident and float to an uninhabited island. Then, he lived lonely in the island for twenty-eight years. Although he lived lonely, he rescued an aboriginal and they became good friend. After the thirty-six years, finally he came back his hometown London and quite to live.

       I think this book can let us to realize a lot of things. For example, Robinson is very adventurous because he can be brave to go to the sea to have an adventure. Then he floats to the island. Although he is not accustomed to live in there, he is adventurous and eventually overcame the fear. Also, he is smart and rich of survival skills. He only uses the simple tool and he can build the residence, make the implements and tame the livestock. And all he has is his result of his effort. On the other hand, he is very brave because he can risk his lives and rescue his friend – Friday. He also rescues the other captain and sailors from wreck. These characteristic let us know if we have determination and courage, then every problem will be solved. 

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