Hi everybody! I’m having a great time in Eco-city and want to tell you how everyone gets around here. Eco-city got its name because it creates almost no pollution. Everyone here lives in harmony with nature. Most people ride bicycles and the only cars you see are ambulances and fire engines. Even police officers ride bicycles, not motorcycles. The public transport here is really great. My favourite is the pod-car, a type of miniature train with six seats. Pod-cars take you directly where you want to go, with no stops in between.

When you get on a pod-car, you simply push a button for the stop you want and it zips along high elevated magnetic tracks. After a quick trip, you get off at your destination. It’s a great way to see the city. As there are pod-car stops on almost every street corner, it’s very convenient. I think we should follow Eco-city’s example and get out of our cars and off our motorcycles. It really is a healthy, modern city! 

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