Cyber-bullying has become a worrying trend as more and more teenagers use the Internet as a means to humiliate others. 

Write an article for your school newspaper, discussing the bad effects brought by cyber-bullying, and giving suggestions to prevent it from growing worse. 

Nowadays, the issue of cyber-bullying has become more gravel day by day. More teenagers use the internet as a form of aggression to insult others. In this article, I will look at bad effects and give the suggestion of this trend.

There are two aspects of bad effects, the first of which is the standpoint of victims. In general, they will have a low self-image that may become a matter of tragedy such as higher levels of depression, anxiety and suicide. Mentally, after the ‘internet incident’, they always tend to feel upset and alone. As those bullies haven’t stopped their attack, the self-esteem of the victim will be highly decreased. Therefore, the psychological shadow is formed. Naturally, they do not dare to make new friends which cause a serious impact on interpersonal relationships. When they can’t find any sense of identity from peers, they may think there is no value for them to survive in the world. A tragedy can be occurred easily then.

Another aspect for cyber-bullying is stance of bullies. Since the action of bullying in the internet is regarded as common topic with friends, it seems that it is a vicious circle. The bullies, who repeated to attack others, are mainly for entertainment. When the message goes viral, it will become the common topic. In this situation, bullies may get satisfaction which provides the motive force to go forward for it. Likewise, more damage is endured by victims. So it causes the vicious spiral.

In order to prevent the issue from growing worse, the positive parental practices is needed. It is quite common that teenagers have a prejudice as parents do not understand their feelings. So, parents are recommended to establish a comfortable line of communication with them. Then, listen their voices, also give them encouragement and assistance. Therefore, they can be protected.

Last but not least, the government is better to strengthen monitoring of cyber-bullying. Although it is very difficult to find the "murderer" as these cases are complex and numerous, the government can enact some regulations to reduce the problem of seriousness. In addition, looking for a legitimate program to block malicious or slanderous messaging in social websites and email is also a good way to keep peace in the internet.

By following the suggestions given above, I hope the number of cyber-bullying cases will gradually decrease.

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