Lately, the issue of civil disobedience movement of Occupy Central has aroused catholic concerns.

There are four perspectives of stakeholders, the first of which will be analyzed from the standpoint of government. It is known that the responsibility of the government is to poise interests of all sectors of society. Of course, making decision which compliance with the requests that is propose by Chinese Government is also momentous. However, in order to strive for democracy (universal suffrage), protesters have been taking up the streets around the clock. Nevertheless, it is hardly to sway the stance of Hong Kong government even Chinese Government in spite of all their exertion. Indeed, the demand of them is like a fairy tale. If the movement which is violent, illegal and affecting resident's livelihood has succeed in changing the political system, the legal status of Hong Kong must be wavered. Likewise, the governance prestige will be damaged and this may become the political notch. These undermine the value established over the years.

Another perspective for Occupy Central is the viewpoint of police officers. In general, police is the public servant. Their duties are without any political stance which are enforcing the law impartially and maintaining social order. However, sometimes police officers are regarded as the target of attack. In addition, some of the protesters on the one hand require the police protection, on the one hand not to cooperate with police even abusive about the neglect of duty of police. It is grossly unfair to the police officers. Political issue should be resolved by political means but not by police. Police officers are not the tool of political.

Besides, there is the stance of protesters. Through the civil disobedience, they can express their demand peacefully. Take barricading off on the certain streets for instance, this lead to the bad impact on the functioning of society, causing pressure to force the government to listen to public opinion. In their philosophy, the movement can arouse public awareness which conducive to fight for a fair political system even favorable long-term development of Hong Kong.

Finally is the point of view of anti-Occupy protesters. There is no doubt that the business of businessmen or shop owners in the affected area such as Mongkok are highly affected by the movement. Also, most of the commuters and residents that near the location of movement can’t go to work or school on time due to the obstruction of traffic. The impact on the economy and livelihood of citizens actuate them to be the enemies of the protesters.

Last but not least, I hope everyone can show more mutual understanding towards each other so the social strife can be dropped noticeably.

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