What is Romanticism?
- The Romantic period started with a literary movement in Germany in the late 18th century.
- Romanticism affected poets, dramatists, painters, dancers, and composers.
- The characteristics of Romantic music (1820-1900) are:
   1. greater freedom of form and design
   2. more powerful expression of emotion and feelings
   3. greater contrasts of loud and soft in the music

Schubert (German, 1797-1828)
- Schubert was born in Vienna.
- His father was a schoolmaster.
- He was taught to play music by his father.
- At the age of 11, he became a choir-boy in the chapel, receiving a good education.
- Schubert worked for some time as a teacher at his father's school.
- At the age of 20, he devoted himself to music.
- He had always a small group of friends and admirers.
- He lived with one or another of his friends.
- Meanwhile he produced music of great charm and liveliness.
- He was poor all his life, his genius unrecognized.

Schubert and Art Song 
- Schubert was the first great composer of art song.
- He composed more than 600 songs.
- An art song is a solo vocal song with piano accompaniment. It is the union of poetry and music.
- Schubert's celebrated songs:
  1. Hedge Rose, Erlking
  2. Song-Cycles: The Fair Maid of the Mill, The Winter Journey

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