Keeping a pet dog in the school need more manpower and material resources. So, I disagree that it is good to keep a pet dog in school.

         Firstly, keeping a pet dog need more money and it will increase the financial burden. For example, during the holiday, it is impossible that for some janitors to take care of the dog. So then, the school needs to employ professionals to take care of the dog, and it will be expensive. Also, if the dog gets sick, the school needs to find the veterinary and come to the school to treat the dog. In addition, the school needs to buy the dog food and it also needs money. Therefore, pet a dog in the school will use a large amount of money and the school may find it difficult to afford.

         Secondly, keeping a pet dog also needs a suitable place and the place that may not harass student to study. For example, in Hong Kong, not all the schools have enough space to keep a dog, and if is not enough space to keep dog, the dog may not grow healthily. Then the school needs to pay some money on it again. Moreover, if the dog’s yelp has harassed the student’s studies, then the student’s result may decrease, finally student’s parent may complaint the school.

         Thirdly, the school needs to think of the dog’s health and the dog may unhealthy for his psychological. For instance, the dog always is alone. Then, the dog may think that no one cares about him and feels a lack of love. So, psychologically, the dog will be unhealthy. As a result, the dog will not be happy and healthy to grow.

         In conclusion, I disagree that it is good to keep a pet dog in school because keeping a dog needs a lot of money and needs a suitable place. Also the dog may be unhealthy for his psychologically.

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