(The point of view: Ricky Wong Wai-kay )

Dear Diary,

How tragic! We failed to be chosen for the free TV licenses! (That was really out of the blue!)

Previously, government made a decision that the other two companies (Fantastic Television Limited and Hong Kong Television Entertainment Company Limited) were awarded the new free TV licenses. The result caused a public outcry and a lot of Hong Kong people had vigorous feedback about it. However, government stated that would contribute to the financial and quality sustainability of all free broadcasters. Well, I would not look down on anyone and I believed there was a level playing field for us. I had done all I possibly can, so from now on, despite that was the bad news for us, it was in the lap of the gods!

In the wake of we lost the election, I must thought a plan to enhance our morale. I remembered that there were 320 employees sacked. The reason for sacking was linked to the election which we lost. So, I decided to rehire them to help me to operate company again. Besides, I would launch a mobile broadcasting license indirectly acquired from China Mobile.

Although this time we lost in the election, but we still would resume the production of programs and restart the construction of Broadcasting House. I believed that with our perseverance, we would be able to successfully apply for a free TV license and reach an unprecedented success in the distance!

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