Present Tense
1.     The wall   is painted                (paint).
2.     The cars     are bought                  (buy).
3.     The shoes    are brushed               (brush).
4.     Mary   is punished                (punish).
5.     The rubbish bin     is cleared             (clear).
6.     The tea     is drunk            (drink).
7.     The paper    is folded / torn             (fold /tear) up.
8.     The pictures       are drawn               (draw).
9.     The clothes     are ironed               (iron).
10.   The books    are thrown             (throw) away.

Past Tense
1.     The cans     were left            (leave) under the tree.
2.     The button   was sewn                (sew).
3.     The video     was shown            (show).
4.     The cameras     were repaired              (repair).
5.     The chair    was mended              (mend).
6.     The house    was built              (build).
7.     The tickets      were sold            (sell).
8.     The blanket   was covered               (cover).
9.     The cover     was broken             (break).
10.  The dresses     were tried              (try).

Future Tense
1.     The music     will be played             (play) once.
2.     The house   will be burnt                (burn).
3.     The cake    will be taken               (take) away.
4.     The sausage   will be cut                   (cut).
5.     The letters   will be typed              (type).
6.     The dresses    will be worn               (wear).

Mixed Types (Active or passive)
I  1     water              (water) the plants every day.  Yesterday, the flowers   2  weren’t watered  (not water) as I was too busy.  Why was I so busy?  My mum  3    asked             (ask) me to  4  buy          (buy) food for her.  I  5 got             (get) completely wet after the food  6  was bought             (buy) as it  7     rained         (rain) heavily yesterday.  I also  8  have           (have) a lot of problems in my homework now.  I hope all my problems   9  will be solved              (solve) tomorrow.

While I  10  was tidying             (tidy) my room yesterday, my dad  11 arrived             (arrive). He  12   asked         (ask) me how my car  13  was stolen             (steal) last week.  I   14     told          (tell) him it 15 was not known               (not know). Maybe the police could help me to  16  find            (find) out the answer.

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