Using the internet has a lot of advantages. First, using the internet will give you lots of convenient. You can be easy to chat with your friends in some network platform. You also can meet new friends. And you can get fun on that and you will not bore in your life. You even can play the online game in the internet so that you can get excited on it. Besides, you can share the information in email or some internet that give you to deposit your information easily. Instead of traditional methods such as send letter, that will be more convenient, swift, even be more environmental protection. Moreover, you can search a lot of reference information easily that you need and this information may help you to finish your homework. Furthermore, you can check the dictionary in the internet and it will be more quickly than find the meaning in the traditional dictionary. Also, when you find that something you don’t know and you can find it in some website such as Wikipedia. This really can enable us to acquire more knowledge and equip ourselves.

       However, using the internet also has many disadvantages. First, if you spent too much time playing online game or using the internet, you will hurt your eyes and lack of exercise. Then, you may meet a lot of physical healthy problem. Besides, as the regulation of uploading information or photo via the internet is not strictly revised, your privacy may not be highly protected. So that, your information may be steal. In addition, people lack chances to communicate with others face to face. Thus, they are less interactive with others. Furthermore, you can chat with everyone in the internet, so if someone is harbor evil designs, you may fool of their scheme. Also, if you too dependent on the computer typing, it will deterioration of your ability of writing. Besides, when you use the computer for a long time, it will waste of electricity even need to give a large amount of power rate. On the side, if you see some bad information in the internet, your value set may have bad change.

       In conclusion, if we can sensible to use the internet, internet will help you a lot. Otherwise we need to use fewer computers to reduce the disadvantages of internet. So, we really need to make good use of internet.

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