Part 1 - Name structures A-K.

A. Eyebrow
B. Eyelid
C. pupil
D. Iris
E. Cornea
F. Focusing muscle
G. Lens
H. Sclera
I. Retina
J. Blind spot
K. Optic nerve

Part 2 - Matching : Match the following functions with the eye structures. 

1. Allows light to enter the eye.                         Pupil
2. Protects the eyeball.                                     Sclera
3. Transmits messages from
    light-sensitive cells to the brain.                     Optic nerve
4. Changes the thickness of the lens.                 Focusing muscle
5. Can close and protect the eye from
    dirt, strong light, etc.                                     Eyelid
6. Helps focus light.                                          Lens
7. Contains light-sensitive cells.                         Retina
8. Controls the size of structure C above.          Iris
9. Where structure K above leaves the
    eyeball. Contains no light-sensitive
    cells.                                                            Blind spot

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