Name of reviewer: Ken Lo
Name of event: Book Fair

       We didn’t meet the objectives in the Book Fair. In our proposal, we estimated that there would be 1100 students and 80 teaching staff to go to the Book Fair, but the outcome there only had 400 students and 10 teaching staff. That reflected that students and teachers were very busy. I think that only two days is not enough for us. So I suggest the Book Fair should open for four days so that we can have more time to go to the Book Fair to read the books.

Types of books:
       We could meet most of the objectives except the books about romance. In our proposal, we estimated that students would love to read the books about romance, but the outcome showed that students loved to read the books about detective. So I suggest that when we hold the Book Fair next time, we should do a survey to see what type of books they like. Then, if we add more of these types of books, then students can buy more of book. Also, the company will earn more money on it. We even can attract more students to go to the Book Fair to buy the books. Therefore, we can achieve our target on the number of people who come to the Book Fair and the types of books.

No. of books sold:
       We could meet the objectives in Chinese books but we could not meet the objectives in English books. The result showed that students mostly liked to read Chinese book and didn’t like to read English book. And I think students also need to read the English books because it can improve our English proficiency. I suggest that we need to put the focus on the English book in the Book Fair. We even can lower the price and to attract students to buy them.

       We could not meet the objectives because not a lot of students went to the Book Fair and we wanted to attract more students to buy them at lower the discount. And I think that it is not successful. I suggest we can do better for those things and the promotion. Then, the discount will not be lower than the proposal.

       We could not meet the objectives because I thought we did not have enough time to do the poster. So I suggest that we should arrange the Book Fair earlier. Then, we can have enough time to do the poster and make it more attractive. We even can add something in the poster such as the discount (the price of book is very cheap) and the types of book that students like (after the survey’s result). Therefore, the promotion will be more attractive. 

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