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Short Task – Writing a letter of invitation

Lockwood Middle School
307 Main Street
Lockwood, NJ 51686

May 5, 2013

Mr. Wong
Lockwood University
23Main Street
Lockwood, NJ

Dear Mr. Wong:

My name is Eric Poon. I am the Chairman of the English Society and I am writing this letter to invite you to be our guest speaker in the School English Day.

Our School Speech Day is coming and we want to prepare students for the coming School Speech Day. So the, English Society of our school will hold this activity called ‘How to speak to attract attention’. You are invited to be our guest speaker in the lectures on that day because I know you have written books on public speaking and you are very experienced in giving public lectures.

The activity will be held on the 15th of May from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in School Hall. Our target audience is from Secondary 4 to Secondary 6 (about 500 students). During the lecture, you can introduce and teach them some method that can attract attention when they speak.

If you have any questions concerning the arrangement of the day, please feel free to contact me at 31422277.

As one of the prominent figures in the community, we would be honored by your attendance. Please reply by Monday the 9th of May to confirm your attendance to the function by using phone to call me.

We look forward to seeing you on 15th of May,

Eric Poon

Eric Poon

Chairman of English Society

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