Van Gogh

In 1853
Born in a small village in the north of the Netherlands.
In 1869
Worked in Gallery(畫廊).
In 1881
Came back to Netherlands and painting large amount of sketches.
In 1886
Go to Paris with his brother and recognized some painter such as Gauguin.
In February 1888
Lived in the Yar suburban St RemySt. Remy's spirit sanatorium Arles and painted over two hundred oil paintings.
In October 1888
Argued with Gauguin and cut down his left ear. That causes he insanity(精神錯亂).
In 1889
He checked in the St. Remy’s spirit sanatorium. In that year, he was painting frantically(瘋狂地).
In 1890
He shot herself in the wheat fields near his home.

His painting:
3.     The Starry Night《星夜》

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