Importance of meat

-        Meat includes muscle and offal of the animals and offal of the animals and poultry.
-        Meat is rich in complete proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins.

Structure of the meat

Cuts of meat

Age and amount of activity also affect the quality.

-        Lean cuts come from muscles along the backbone.
-        Tough cuts come from the parts are well exercised.

Cooking of meat

-        Choose suitable cooking method according to the tenderness of the meat.
-        Tough cuts of meat are lower in price and tender cuts are more expensive.
-        Tender cuts are suitable for simple and fast cooking methods.

Tenderizing meat

-        Beat with a meat hammer or the back of a chopper.
-        Add meat tenderizer.
-        Add acid like lemon juice and vinegar.
-        Add cornflour and egg white.

Effects of heat on meat

-        Surface proteins coagulate and form a layer to keep the juice.
-        Connective tissue is tenderized.
-        If cooked in water, the meat changes in color from red to light brown. If cooked in dry method, the meat turns dark brown.
-        The fat will melt and run out.
-        Extractives containing flavor are squeezed out and give its special taste.
-        If overcooked or cooked in too high the temperature, the meat losses juices, vitamins and becomes tough.

Use of frozen meat

To keep the nutrients of the frozen meat:
-        Freezing
        > As quick as possible
-        Thawing
        > As slow as possible

Tips for choosing meat

-        Value for money
-        Appearance
-        Intended use 

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