Chopin (Polish, 1810- 1849)

  • Chopin was a Polish composer and pianist. He was chiefly a composer for the piano. His art forms the golden age of that instrument.
  • Chopin was born in Poland of a French father and a Polish mother. The composer's early life was spent in Warsaw. The other half of his life was spent in Paris.
  • In Paris his career was linked to the artistic and aristocratic life of that city. He always played for the nobles.
  • Here Chopin had an 8 - year romance with the popular novelist known to the world as George Sand. 
  • He produced great music during this period. Their relationship was not all that smooth and they parted in bitterness. His health began to fail; he was suffering from tuberculosis.
  • He died at the age of 39 in Paris.
  • Chopin wrote nocturnes, waltzs, impromptus, polonaises, mazurkas, ballades, preludes and etudes
Liszt (Hungarian, 1811 - 1886)
  • Liszt was born in Hungary, son of a steward in the employ of a wealthy family.
  • Carl Czerny was one of the most important teachers of Liszt.
  • He formed close friendships with the leaders of Romanticism.
  • The appearance in Paris of the sensational violinist Paganini in 1831 made Liszt aware of the possibilities of virtuoso playing.
  • He was one of the greatest of pianists - and showman.
  • Inseparable from the legend of the pianist was that of the lover.
  • In his last years Liszt sought peace by entering the Church.

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