Should we recycle? It is because the land is not enough in Hong Kong to accommodate so much rubbish that Hong Kong people create every day. If the condition still continues, the landfills will be saturated and it will pollute the environment. So I agree we should recycle and my point are the following.

       Firstly, recycling can save energy. According to Mike Biddle, president of MBA Polymers, recycling plastic requires only a tenth of the energy needed to create new plastic from raw materials. Also, the EPA estimates that producing a recycled paper product requires only 60 percent of the energy required to create one from fresh wood pulp. In addition, recycling paper requires about half the water normally used in processing paper. So, this data lets us know recycling really can save energy.

       Secondly, recycling can preserve our resources. Recycling paper not only saves energy but also saves trees. Moreover, the Energy Administration Information reports that recycling a ton of paper can save 17 trees. Therefore, recycling really can preserve our resources.

       Thirdly, recycling is good for the economy. Household budgets can be considerably reduced by recycling items such as clothing, soap, disposable containers, bags and even furniture. In addition, by cutting up worn, stained or torn clothing into cloths, there is no need to spend money on dusters, cleaning wipes and the cloths can be washed and reused again and again for many years. So, recycling can let us save our money. 

       In conclusion, I agree we should recycle because recycling can save energy, preserve our resources and good for to economic. Recycling is not only good for us but also good for environment! So I hope everyone can have the awareness of recycling and if everyone can do it, the world will become better!

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