1.     What do Sources A, B and C tell you about the status of the local Chinese in the 19th century? Explain your answer with reference to Sources A, B and C.

The status of local Chinese was lower than that of the foreigners.

Source A shows that only foreigners could live in The Peak District.

Source B shows that the Governor and the members of Executive Council were all foreigners.

Source C shows that most of the policeman were foreigners and Indians. And only foreigners could become senior officers. A few Chinese could become policeman and senior officers.

All these prove that the status of the local Chinese was low. / All these prove that under the British rule the Chinese were discriminated (被歧視). 

2. Give three examples from Source D to show that there was the rising influence of the Chinese in the Hong Kong government.

Answer: First, Governor Hennessy appointed a Chinese as an unofficial member to the Legislative Council in 1880. Second, another Chinese became the first Chinese unofficial member of the Executive Council. Third, the government began to recruit Chinese as policemen.

3. According to Source D, why did the Hong Kong government allow the Chinese to serve in the government?

Answer: First, at that time, many local Chinese had become rich through trade. Some had also become educated. Second, the early police force in Hong Kong was formed by the British and the Indians. Third, British and Indians knew little about local customs and language.

4. ‘After 1997, the local Chinese are more influential in the government than before.’ Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer with reference to two features of the Hong Kong administration.

-        The local Chinese becomes the local government (the Chinese of Executive)
-        Most of the senior officials in the government are the local Chinese
-        Nearly all the members in the Executive Council and the Legislative Council are Chinese. 

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