Law and Order

Problems: There are many pirates in the sea around Hong Kong and robbers on land.

Difficulties encountered by the government:
1.     The small islands in Hong Kong were good hiding places for pirates. (It is difficult to catch them.)
2.     Robbers could go back to the mainland after the robbery.

1.     The government asked the British navy to get rid of the pirates.
2.     A curfew was enforced on local Chinese.
3.     A police force was set up in 1844 to fight crimes.


Problems: Public health grew worse and disease spread quickly.

Reason for the rise of this problem: the rise of rapid population growth
à the living conditions of the local Chinese were crowded & unhygienic.

1.     The government started to build public hospitals in 1848.
2.     The government set up the Sanitary Board in 1883. (A series plague still broke out in 1894.)
3.     The government ordered Chinese people to whitewash their houses twice a year.

Other problems

Problems: Hong Kong had many typhoons during summer time. They often brought serious floods and destruction to Hong Kong. (e.g. Many ships were down over and house were damaged.)


1.     The government set up the Hong Kong observatory in 1883 to warn people of the danger before the coming of a typhoon. 

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