Many people dream of being famous, but is it really such a great life? If you could suddenly become a mega-star, would you do it? Give the advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity and then state your final decision.

Many people dream of being famous, if suddenly become a mega-star, is it a wonderful thing?

When you are a celebrity, everyone will know you and you will attention by people. You can also enjoy some privileges and get a sense of vanity. I must say that I don’t doubt the truth of this advantage.

Those who want to be a celebrity seem to have a point, but being a celebrity is not really an easy job and  the price of fame can be very high. Firstly, being a celebrity will privacy. Even the most trivial thing, will  make the headlines or be discussed endlessly in gossip magazines and everyone will know your private life. Freedom will not exist anymore. Secondly, every act must be very discreet and scruples. Speech must be very careful. Otherwise the media would have a field day with your behavior, and then you need to explain to the public. If you don’t keep your behavior decent, you will even make a bad example to young people. Thirdly, a celebrity often has to endure a lot of criticism and stress. No matter what you do, you will hear a lot of criticism, which will imperceptibly lead to extreme mental stress.

I have to conclude that although being a celebrity can satisfy my sense of vanity, a mega-star need to attach the price of fame, including the loss of privacy and freedom, and life-crushing stress. So if I could suddenly become a mega-star, I would not do it.

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