Our world is full of wonders. Even our body also holds the infinite mystery. So, I want to introduce a book. This book is called Human Science. It vividly describes a lot about the science knowledge of the human body. Therefore we can easy to understand the reasons of different phenomena and also correct some of our lives misunderstanding.

This book is divided into ten chapters, they are: the structure of the human body, skin, bones and muscles, respiratory system, digestive organs, heart and blood, excretory organs, sensory organs, the brain and nerves, lymph and hormones, reproductive organs and growth.

In the past, my mum always told me a lot of habit that I need to develop, but I don’t know why I need to get into this habit. From now on, I discovered that this habit has science-based.

For example, when I had a fever, my mother kept for me to drink water. Although my stomach was swollen, my mother still told me to drink water frequently. Originally, drink plenty of water can cool my body. It also can dilute the toxins of body and excreted with the urine. That can really help for treatment. So drink plenty of water can reduce disease.

Also, when I had a nosebleed, my mother told me that my head need to lean forward. Originally, throat’s blood will be swallowed into the esophagus and stomach, stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa produce discomfort or vomiting. In addition, the large amount of bleeding, it is also easy to suck the choke into the trachea and lungs, blocking the respiratory airflow and then become dangerous.

In addition, except I am able to understand the ‘science habit’, I also can get the knowledge about the human body from this book.

Let make an example, the main factors of thrombosis are blood flow’s changes, cardiovascular intimae and the changing nature of blood.

Besides, this book tells us many interesting trivia. Let me give some examples. Humans are allergic to mosquito spit so that after the mosquito spit, the wound will swell. Moreover, our skin add up together approximately is 20 square feet. Furthermore, our body originally contains enough carbon to fill 9000 pencils. In addition, the tapeworms in our body can grow up to 22.9m and the length is higher than Yao Ming.

This book is rich in content. I think that while learning other things, we also need to learn more about our body. Also attention on our body health, in order to have a better understands the world of full unknowns.

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