The baby crocodile that Sammy’s Cousin had given him was getting too big to keep in the bathroom. One day, Sammy came home from school and was horrified by what he saw. ‘Ops! What’s going on? Am I in nightmares?’ All the features and the pillow were destroyed. The lamp fell on the ground and broke. Besides, the floor was as wet as a wetland. Meanwhile, the baby crocodile was climbing out of the house from the window. ‘God, are you kidding with me?’ Sammy shouted. He ran and wanted to catch the baby crocodile in a hurry. Although he ran to catch it without thinking an extra second, it ran extremely fast. 

The baby looked like knew what would happen in the next street and ran as fast as a rocket. Of course, Sammy was breathless about its speed. Suddenly, Sammy saw the police was catching the thief. When the thief was running to escape, the baby crocodile bitted the thief to stop the thief to escape. The thief fell down on that moment. He finally was arrested. Sammy suddenly felt astonished.

Later, some biologists confirmed that the baby crocodile had the intelligence quotient of a human child. Also, the crocodile could hear any sound within one kilometer. So that is why the baby crocodile could sense something happened in the next street. This baby crocodile was really a rare breed in the world! Sammy was as happy as he won the one-million prizes. Furthermore, many media made the interview with the baby crocodile and Sammy. The baby crocodile became the hot topic of the headlines.

      After few years, due to the effect of the media, a lot of tourists from different place came to visit the Tong Kong Estate where the baby crocodile lived. It became a famous tourist spot in Hong Kong. Tong Kong Estate was never the same again.

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