(The point of view: Liu Yang – China’s first female astronaut)

Dear Diary,

I am very proud of myself! I became China’s first female astronaut!

In the previous 21-hour flight, I was agreeably surprised. Why do I say so? When the rocket launched into space, I was looking forward and hoped to reach the space. And this is my dream. Although I had already familiar with the space environment and live in space from the different training, in that moment (arrived the space), my heart was filled with joy. I felt the mysteries of space! This feeling could not be found in elsewhere. That was very amusing!

It turned out that cosmic was so wonderful! In these 21-hour flights, I experienced the most memorable moments of life. However, these 21-hour flights, it was exchange of innumerable hardships of training. Although the training process was extremely hard for me, I thought it was very worthwhile.

Relying on my efforts and perseverance, I was finally able to reach my dream. Said the same as Steve Job, ‘the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’.

Who says Chinese women cannot become an astronaut? China's aviation industry has developed rapidly, the next one I expect to become China's first female astronaut that walking on the moon!

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