It is known that wolf is a savage. However, not all wolves are savage. Some of them are wronged. Well, let's get down to business. Do you know who am I? My name is Raul which is the ‘bad guys’ in Three Little Pigs. Today let me tell you the real story of Three Little Pigs.

That day was a holiday. When I was cooking, I found that I had not enough sugar and pepper for me to cook. I knew the market was not opened. So, I decided to lend the sugar and pepper from my new neighbors (the three little pigs).

First of all, I went to eldest brother’s home. I asked, ‘May I lend some pepper and sugar, please?’ The pig took it out and gave me. Suddenly, I got a powerful sneeze because of the pepper. Then, his house was destroyed. I really wanted to apologize but he ran immediately.

After that, he ran to second brother’s home. I yelled, ‘Sorry! I will compensate to you later. But could you also lend me some sugar?’ Maybe they were too scared and they did not have any respond to me. So, I knocked the door forcefully. That really unexpected! His house was also destroyed! Their houses were too fragile. If not finished, they escaped.

Finally, all pigs were in the third brother’s home. I had not thought that lend some sugar and pepper was so difficult. My anger started to come. I shouted, ‘Could you lend me some sugar and pepper? I’m in hurry!’ They still had not given me any respond. I vented my anger on his home. Suddenly, police came and arrested me as I was destroying their houses.

After this event, everybody said that I was a savage and I wanted to eat the three little pigs. How come!

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  1. The pictures is so beautiful!:)

    1. 8-)
      PS you have a grammar mistake: not 'The pictures', is 'The picture' (p)


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