“Something it seemed a must in your mind, it could go both ways.” That was my mum’s motto. It was really true, wasn’t it? Well, I was not joking.

I was a “lonely elderly” who was always being alone in the class. I tried my best to meet new friend. However, these tasks seemed to me so futile. Friend was too far away for me. That being the case, I needed to use another way to meet friend.

One day, a transfer student who called Joe came to our class. He looked as handsome as my prince. As I saw him, my heart was pounding and my hand all went sweaty. I couldn’t put him out of my mind! Um… Might be I loved him at first sight and started to fall in love with him.

I couldn’t help smiling to think him every second. So, in that weekend, I was dating with him. My face was blushing in every moment but he had not given me any respond. I was so embarrassing and felt confused. “What we can do…?” I always thought. “Maybe we can play badminton,” a soft voice stopped my thinking.

I looked at him all dewy-eyed with love. He was really good at sports and his eyes were full of spirit! Time went by, we had played for one hour. Both of us enjoyed the game. We both tired and sat down on the bench. Suddenly, he crowed me into his embrace. My heart beast was faster and faster. “What he will do? …” I thought.

“My hand!” he screamed and then crashed. That really out of the blue! His arm was broken! The only thing I could find was the wires, electrical circuits and computer chips!

“Ops! My product! Joe! Wake up! Wake up!” I shrieked. I took five years to develop you! You were my five years’ effort! If you died, I would become alone again. I already fed up those lonely days! As I said, I only could invent some invention to look for fun by myself. I really wanted to meet new friends! Originally, I thought that if I could develop a prefect robot which included prefect appearance and prefect skill, it could bring me the pleasure of friend. It turned out that robot could not instead human’s emotion. I could not add the emotion in your mind, Joe.

That’s right! Even though you were prefect, you could not be my friend…

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