Topic: “One day after school, you went to the staffroom to see your teacher, but there was nobody there. Just as you were about to leave, you noticed a piece of paper on the staffroom floor. You picked it up, and saw the words ‘END OF EXAMINATION’ at the top of the page.”

Then, I noticed that there were few lines below the words ‘END OF EXAMINATION’. It was written the date of the oral examination was on the thirteenth of March. Standing beside the staffroom, I was thinking what Mr. Wong said in the lesson. ‘Today is fourteenth of March. Am I missing the examination? How tragic!’ I could not stop my exclaimed.

Staring the paper with the words ‘END OF EXAMINATION’, I was in a quandary. I wish I had listened the accurate date of the examination in the lesson. I had accepted the message wrong was one thing, but missing the examination was another thing! I could not just say that it was in the lap of gods. Thinking the solution of the plight, I was starting to become more and more anxious. I was fed up by those suspicious. I called my classmates with my mobile phone and it was on the brink of finding the answer of my doubt.

‘What are you doing here?’ a loud and clear voice stopped my action. That was really out of the blue! He was behind me now! I retracted my phone as quick as the speed of light. Looking at Mr. Wong, my mind went blank. ‘Sorry… Mr. Wong… I…’ I stammered out what I wanted to apologize to Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong saw that piece of paper and it seemed that he knew something. With Mr. Wong’s sharp eyes, I was on the verge of going to ‘die’. ‘So, you think you miss the oral examination?’ Mr. Wong asked. ‘Yes… I know there is no denying that I haven’t completed my duties. But could I have one more chance?’ I begged.

Putting a strain on me, he laughed. ‘Read that piece of paper carefully! As you can see something on the bottom of the paper.’ he said. If not finished, I saw the words ‘This prop is made by Drama Club’ at the bottom of the page. I was as if a mountain had fallen off my shoulder. ‘Maybe I make a mess of some documents. I don’t mean it. Sorry.’ he apologized to me. ‘It is not all his fault but I was almost died of fear!’ I thought.

Walking for several steps, he turned back and yelled, ‘Hold on! At this moment, you should be stayed in detention class! Hum…?’ ‘Oh! Originally, I just go to toilet and I will go back the detention class as soon as possible!’ I replied him and left quickly with embarrassment.

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