We have seen these visions glinting in the distance for some time – the prospect that we will able to see a lot of flying car in the sky. Now that Stefan Klein has designed the flying car that can spread wings for flying, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a reality. Who hasn’t dreamt of flying while being stuck in the traffic? Technology always adapts itself to demands, so we are soon going to see someone hanging out “That is my new flying car” signs.

It is undeniable that technology is developing rapidly. A lot of thing can do by using new technology. However, being able to fly in the sky by travelling the “car” is really a technologically breakthrough. If the flying car is successfully developed, that must become the major transport of people that all over the world in the distance.

Nonetheless, despite there is an advanced technology, it’s still need human’s innovative ideas. Technology and innovation, both of them are needed. Human have countless dreams such as fly in the sky, explore the universe freely, live into another planet and meet the extraterrestrial. Are they just a dream? I believe not.

Human have created a lot of dream treasure chest. So how we can find the key to open the treasure chest is the most difficult thing. Therefore, while technological progress, our innovation is also important. With this key, I believe our civilization will continue to progress.

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