(The point of view: Japan's Koichi Wakata)

Dear Diary,

INCREDIBLE! I became the first Japanese commander of an ISS space mission!

In the past six months, I had completed my mission in the International Space Station. I thought it was quite long time that I spent half of year in the space. During the life in ISS, there was the lion’s share of things that was different from the Earth. Initially, even though I was trained before the rocket launched into space, I felt this was difficult to adapt. I was at one’s wits’ end and therefore I needed ask my allies for help. They only said, just kept focus of the mission. Without further consideration, I started to adapt this environment and felt better in disbelief.

During the course of the 188 days stint in space, we did different kind of research. Including growing vegetables, investigating the design of medical drugs and studying how an astronaut’s biological clock is different from that of a human on Earth. These researches really could widen our intellectual horizons. However, sometimes I was so tied down to my work even had been at the end of one’s tethers. But, I never gave up and always fought to the finish.

Our “space life” was drawing to a close. I remembered that Mastracchio tweeted before the hatch on the departing Soyuz was closed, “Folks, my last tweet from space. Stay tuned for post-flight fun!”

I would not forget these memorable experiences in my life!

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