Everyone in the city is talking about the problem of economic inequality. What does economic inequality mean? In simpler, it is the wide gap between the rich and poor. Precisely because of this problem, the city is raised another problem such as housing problem. Obviously, this is most in need of concern.

We must dismantle the bomb in hurry. However, it is not an overnight thing to solve this problem. In short term, the government can hand out CSSA to meet their immediate needs. Indeed, this is a temporary solution. In long term, we need an actual plan to solve the problem. First, government can provide more training courses for low-income people and encourage them to employment so that they can be self-reliant. In this way they can enhance competitiveness. At the same time, government also can strengthen the protection of labor laws on low-income earners. Therefore their interests can be ensured. In addition, government can encourage the business sector to employ disadvantaged groups such as people with disabilities. As a consequence, they can also be self-reliant. Besides, government can legislate to supervise Hong Kong’s market appropriately. For the reason, large businesses cannot monopoly the Hong Kong market easily and hence the commodity price can be controlled. Thus, low-income groups may have lower expenditure and better life.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong’s economic are well-developed. Nonetheless, the gap between the rich and poor become wider and wider. When the wealthy are enjoying the food and wine in a noble house, on the contrary, the poor are getting trouble in basic necessities. Through the constructive efforts of the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong citizens, I hope the problem of economic inequality will be solved as soon as possible.

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