Lately, several Baptist University graduates snubbed their president Albert Chan Sun-chi who refused to give them the certificate after they opened a yellow umbrella on stage. This has been voicing concern that students held an umbrella at the stage are disrespectful to the solemn ceremony as a great deal of discord has arisen in the society over this condition. Here, I will put forward my opinion on whether their method of expression is a good idea.

One students of thought is that they just intended for expressing their views. With the great aspirations, they wore yellow ribbons and held a yellow umbrella, in order to show the determination of striving for justice and democracy. Indeed, it implies that students are willing to concern about the social issues and then utter with the standpoint.

On the surface, one would have to say that their behavior is a good thing; however, there are a number of problems which might bob up if they kept doing it. If school (the president and teachers) permit the students to discredit the order of ceremony, they will hardly to understand what is the right and wrong thing. Since they don’t behave themselves, the state of disregarding the principle may occur. When the future pillars act only according to their own ideas, respecting for others or the occasions should be an arduous task. Then, the more disrespectful people, the more disputes in the community in future. A vicious circle hence results.

To make matters worse, this may also open the wrong precedent. As what they do today will have an influence on their junior brother and sister in school. Thus, they may act as a bad role model which urges them to do the same thing. It seems that there is no norm for the ceremony. It will become chaotic and the ambiance of it may be spoilt. This poses the reputation tortures to the school.

So, I don’t think their way is good as their method may prove to be a big headache for student’s reverence and school’s fame. The university needs to strike a balance between freedom of expression and the smooth running of the ceremony as soon as possible.

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