In Yunnan, a man who behaves (behave) as a wild animal was discovered (discover) in a remote cave, police said (say) yesterday.

The man is believed (believe) to be Chinese. As he cannot speak (speak) any intelligible language, details of his experience are (be) difficult to confirm.

"He can't speak any language", said the police officer. "He acts like wild animals. He keeps (keep) yelling and jumping (jump) like a wolf at the same time. We can't stop him!"

The police hope that the man can be recognised (recognise) by a necklace he wears, but no evidence has been reported so far to confirm his identity.

In a remote mountainous region last week, he was found (find) after some scientists noticed that their equipment had disappeared (disappear). The decided (decide) to find out who stole (steal) their equipment by following human footprints on the ground. When they arrived at a cave, they saw a caveman surprisingly. The caveman was afraid and fled. The scientists started to hunt for him. Finally, the caveman was caught (catch) on the same day.

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