Basic info about that country

- It is in the Asia continent

- The neighboring countries of Taiwan are: China, Japan and Philippines


- More than 200 mountain peaks loom higher than 3,000 meters above sea level

- Teeming with life—a kingdom of abundant animal and plant species

- Volcanic islands sport thermal springs and colorful coral scenery


- People in Taiwan enjoy a free, democratic, and safe society

- Taiwanese are hospitality

- They are committed to creating a friendly and convenient living environment for others to learn their indigenous cultures.

People and Language

- Taiwan’s 14th indigenous group officially recognized

- Changing population trends

- A multilingual land (The main language is Standard Chinese, also known as Putonghua)

Society and Culture

- Taiwan's geographical and historical uniqueness has given rise to a diversity of ethnic groups, cultures, and languages.

- There are 380,000 people who belong to twelve officially recognized indigenous tribes, each with their own social structure, language, and cultural traditions.


- Although Taiwan is small, there is a wide variety of products which it has made uniquely its own.

a. Varieties of tea (Wenshan Baozhong Tea, Dongding Oolong(Wulong) Tea, Pekoe Oolong(Baihao Wulong) Tea, and Tie Guanyin are the four mainstream teas.)

b. Pineapple Cake (sweet and sour taste)

c. Brown Sugar Cake (the cakes today are softer and less sugary than their predecessors. They are also beautifully packaged, making them a popular souvenir gift in Penghu)


- Chinese (Lunar) New Year (Will set off firecrackers to add festive atmosphere. Also, go to the temple to burn incense and pray for good luck)

- Lantern Festival (watches decorative lanterns and guess riddles)

- Dragon boat festival (make rice dumplings and manufacturing sachet)


- Glove puppetry (a gloved hand enters the puppet's costume and makes it perform)

- Oil-paper umbrella (Today, oil-paper umbrellas are mostly sold as works of art or souvenirs)


- One of the most religiously plural and tolerant societies in the world

- The two feminine deities of the people—Guan Yin and Ma Zu

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