(The point of view: Google co-founder Sergey Brin)

Dear Diary,

FANTASTIC! Today I went for a spin to take a test ride on the driverless car. Despite this kind of technology had not been fully developed yet, I believed that sooner or later consumers would be able to buy driverless cars. (Cool! I can work without driving the car! That really caters to me!)

Be that as it may, I knew a lot of problems hadn’t been solved. First of all, I was sure that not all the government would accept this new technology. Although some of them might not trust driverless car was a save technology, I take stock in all the government would take in this over time. The long and short of it, I thought the problem would solve as time went. On the top of this, the position of the driver was also a question. As I said, that was a “driverless” car. So, did a driver even need to be behind the wheel? Or he could sit on the backseat? Well, I would not scratch my head as this was the question of the designer. Huh..?

Undoubtedly, there was the third drawback (the most serious one) - privacy concerns. California's law requires autonomous vehicles to log records of operation so the data can be used to reconstruct an accident. Even though the measure could record the accident, it became another way to track our daily lives. If somebody stole the record, our world might fall into the disaster of privacy-free. All I could say, the government needed to face this difficult choice!

Among other things, I convinced that driverless car could be successfully developed and replaced the tradition car in the distance. Might be that was the symbol of high standard of living in the future!

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