Types of fish
According to origin
According to fat content
Sea water fish
White fish
Fresh water fish
Oily fish

Nutritive value of fish
-        Rich in protein and minerals
-        More digestible than meat
-        Oily fish : fat-soluble vitamins
-        Seawater fish : iodine and fluoride
-        Canned fish : calcium

Choice of fish
-        Bright eyes, not sunken.
-        Plump, firm flesh.
-        Plenty of scales, firmly attached to the skin.
-        Moist skin.
-        A fresh, sea smell.
-        Bright red gills.

Effect of heat on fish
-        To kill bacteria and parasites
-        Give taste
-        Fat will melt and leave the muscle
-        Proteins will coagulate

Importance of fish in diet
-        Good for children and elderly people
-        More easily digested than meat and useful for people with digestive disorders
-        Can be used in different dishes
-        Readily digested and absorbed with little waste.

Storage of fish
-        Eat as soon as possible.
-        Remove the scales, gills and all the internal organs, clean and wipe dry. Well wrapped.
-        It should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator.
-        Divide into suitable quantity before put it into the freezer.

Deep fat frying
-        Use clean oil only.
-        Use half work of oil only.
-        Put in dried food only.
-        Preheat the oil.
-        Don’t put in too much food at a time.
-        Turnover the food.
-        Drain the fried food with kitchen paper and cooling rack.

Types of coating
-        Flour
-        Cornflour Egg
-        Breadcrumbs
-        Breads
-        Oats
-        Batter

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